Thunderstar Networks

Home & Office Network Specialists

Thunderstar has over 40 years experince in setting up home and office networks, we offer a wide range of services ranging from networking and outfiting of entire offices to wide area networking (WAN), VPN (Virtual Private Networks), Intraneting, stand alone computing, web authoring and of course Internet access provision to both corporate and home users.

Thunderstar also offers full services to and delivery of smaller PC networks such as Novell, Artisoft Lantastic and Microsoft (windows and NT) and specializes in connecting them inexpensively to the Internet and/or other private networks. In addition we sell and service the larger and more powerful Unix / Linux based Enterprise networks upon which larger companies and organizations depend.

For additional information regarding these services and business solutions please contact us at or call our office at: 1-705-527-5446 or 1-877-559-0667

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