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We have noticed that some of the big name virus scanners, are not doing their job anymore. This is why highly recommend that you go to and click on the Get AVG Free on the menu on the left side of the page. Then scroll to the bottom of the page to download their anti-virus. Its free and will protect you from viruses and trojans.


Spyware & Malware are programs that will block your internet, disable your computer, or send your data back to companies that sell your information to companies who will use it to send you junk mail.

The best Spyware removal tool weve found to date is Spybot Search & Destroy which can be found at This program will also work on Windows XP, NT and 2000.

The best Malware removal tool weve found to date is EMCO Malware Destroyer which can be found at (near bottom) This program is also free.


Windows XP comes with a great firewall, if you DO NOT disable it. For those of you with an older Windows version we recommend that you download the Sygate Personal Firewall from Its free and can protect.


Over the years weve tested most programs that provide Spyware, virus and firewall protection.. Here are some of the ones that provide the least protection and should be avoided... McAfee Antivirus, Norton Antivirus, Spyware Doctor, any Spyware program you have to pay for should be avoided.. Wed also suggest avoiding Zone Alarms firewall unless you are geeky enough to configure it to behave properly.

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